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Passing By



"This movie grabbed me. I was deeply touched and sometimes even moved. It talks about the world where we live and we no longer look at, maybe because we lost the passion and lack talent. I find both in Passing by, where poetry and humor are constantly present. It is brilliant".

Passing By, the movie

Filmed in the streets of 42 cities across 22 European countries: only real-life images  and the magic of everyday life.

Passing By, cine-concert unlimited OST

The same movie without music, just background noise: everywhere in the world, music bands perform their own original soundtracks during cine-concerts. Electronic music, folk, jazz. It is a participative and collaborative project, with free content available.

Something happend




Jeanne, 2yo, his killed by her father, who suicide after.

The mother his Julien de Casabianca's girlfriend. They take a camera the first day, and include her in their life, during one month.

From the choice of the grave to teh visit of the bodys at the hospital, from insomnia to the paradoxal finding of the freedom infront a new life, from the questioning of the guilty to how funny and absurd some situations around the mourning happend, it's a movie is without pathos, expliring the solitude, the isolation, the deep and warm human soul ressources, the maternity and the love.

Jean-Jacques Beineix (Diva, Betty Blue)

"This movie must be seen. It give you the strenght to live."

Hubert Sauper (Darwin's Nightmare)

"An essantial movie about love and life"

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