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"I wanted to spend my futur old ages to become a graphic novelist.
In my mind it's after 70yo or more, so I have time in front of me.

And Covid and confinment happened.

Made me free of work, as retired.
So I decided to start really sooner.

I spend the last 18 months writing and drawing my first graphic novel.


It's Requiem for my people.

I wanted to tell you my mournings. I know, it's a strange idea.

It's just one of the most interesting human experience to live on earth.

Because it's love.

So, it seems to be about death and deceased people, but it's about life and living.

It's only my real stories.

Implausibles as life can be.

So beautiful as life is.

The CNL (official National Book Center) just gave me a grant to finish it.


ILLUS 2.jpg
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