Passing by


This movie also gave way to an art video installation on forty screens displayed on the façade of the city hall of the 4th arrondissement of Paris for passers-by to see.

Inaugurated and sponsored by Mrs Charlotte Rampling.


Détail / Femme


Re-screening of historical footage of the général De Gaulle discourse at the Liberation of Paris (1944). The new frame is focused on the only woman in the assembly.




Films / Windows



A ten-screen installation showing windows filmed from the streets while the inhabitants inside are screenings a major film about the history of cinema. Twinkling lights and shadow movements all throughout the film.


Serie, ten pieces  (Jaws, Pierrot le fou, A Clockwork orange, Casablanca, …).


A collaborative project with Maïlys Lamotte-Paulet, Felicitée from the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris.




Cinemathèque Française, installation project.

Pierrot le fou (110')

Jaws (124')

Guernica 2019


Fireworks reflections on a building in Aste Nagusia de Bilbao, near Guernica.

Seem happy and become scary.


Antipodes soccer


A screen on the floor, upside down, play the direct live of a soccer game at the antipodes. The screen is in the same position than TV viewers in the antipodes country, and players are upsidedown like the reality.





5' loop

Frustrating never ending landing.






Hitch-hiking road movie in real life, lies and solitude.